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We are deeply influenced by our families. When we look at the bigger picture that your family tree provides, we can get to deeper levels of clearing and healing. We understand your situation better in the context of your family. Clients report feeling a lift and release from old patterns as a result of this work.


In this session, we look at strengths and problems within your family dynamics from an intergenerational perspective. We examine how your life has been impacted by these interactions.


We leave it up to the angelic realms to identify everyone within your extended family tree, so no geneology report is required for this clearing. Everyone within your extended family tree is offered clearing of obstacles, shields of protection and healing angels. This clearing often facilitates noticeable healing of physical and emotional issues for the family.


We also look at Soul Overviews for family members important to you to help you better understand relationship dynamics. Talk with Liz about compling your list so she can prepare for the session.


There is a healing ceremony that you can do at your convenience after the clearing. This is like a family reunion on a soul level. Liz provides guidelines for the ceremony, which includes a prayer of thanksgiving and forgiveness that you can do on everyone's behalf. This ceremony helps anchor the clearing work done by the angelic realms. 

Family Tree Energy Healing

PriceFrom C$60.00
    • Pay securely with a credit/debit card or Apple Pay on the website eCommerce system, or
    • Canadian clients using Interac e-Transfer:  (don't go through checkout if using Interac).
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