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We create peaceful, positive spaces for you. Your home or apartment, land and vehicle will support you with this clearing and shielding work.


Homes, apartments, land and vehicles store the energy of their occupants. Especially when there have been prior occupants, it's important to clear away any negative energy from the space so you feel comfortable and secure.


I do not need to visit the site in order to get your place cleared and shielded. Because the actual clearing work is done by the angelic realms, I just need to analyze the situation and make a prayer request to the angels. Information about the site and prior occupants is stored in the Akashic Records.


I also have "the guys" check for geopathic stress lines caused by faultlines, underground running water, and ley lines, the energy lines that hold the structure of the planet. If you are living on one or more of these stress lines, it can create poor health. I dowse on the position of these lines (if you have any) and suggest simple cures to correct the situation. For instance, if your bed, desk or favorite chair or couch is on one of these lines, simply moving the furniture a few feet will correct the problem. More elaborate cures exist, but simply getting off the lines of rushing energy will fix the challenge to your health.


A half-hour session is included to discuss the results of the clearing analysis and geopathic stress lines, if you have them. 

House, Land & Vehicle Energy Clearing

PriceFrom C$40.00
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    • Canadian clients using Interac e-Transfer:  (don't go through checkout if using Interac).
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