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Soul retrieval is an ancient way to heal trauma found in cultures throughout the world. We all experience trauma from bumps along the road. Most of the time we recover but sometimes the effects linger, causing real problems in life like sleep disturbances, anxiety and depression.


With this traditional approach to healing the effects of trauma, you connect with nature to heal. I work with Celtic healing traditions, honouring the wisdom of my ancestors. In this session you will learn to journey as you connect with the natural world of plants and animals. Journeying is a natural process, built into our psyche, that allows us to experience quieter states of consciousness.


In this one-hour session, I guide you through this process as you explore another level of consciousness and find animal helpers who are there for healing and assistance. Yes, you can talk to the animals. They are full of wisdom and there to help you. These animals, birds, fish... are archetypal in their meaning thoughout the world. They will help in the soul retrieval process in the next session, usually a week after this first session.


We also restore aspects of ourselves that feel missing due to other reasons. These soul parts are restored easily in this session by angels and guides, called in to help through a prayer request that I do on your behalf. With some aspects of your soul restored, you have more strength and clarity with which to retrieve soul parts disassociated from trauma about a week later in Soul Retrieval 2: Wholeness.

Soul Retrieval 1: Journey

PriceFrom C$60.00
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