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Usually about a week after Soul Retrieval 1, you are ready to journey with your animal allies for healing and wholeness. In this 90-120 minute session, Liz assists you in the background as you reclaim the empty spaces within yourself in a surprisingly easy and spontaneous manner. We are wired to heal trauma if we are simply pointed in the right direction in a supportive environment. I am there to coach, but you retrieve your own power as you journey with your animal allies using the skills learned in your first session. This process is about taking your power back.


Before you journey to retrieve your soul parts, we will look at the reasons those parts of yourself disassoicated. This is done delicately so you know what the topic is without having to relive past trauma. We work with your traumatized soul parts to help them feel comfortable in coming back to participate in your life. We can't be whole without all of ourselves available.


With the help of your animal allies and my coaching in the background, you retrieve your soul parts with surprising ease. Yes, you can do this. I've seen hundreds of people quite naturally and easily restore themselves to wholeness with this process. I believe by now that we are built to heal trauma in this way. It's a natural pathway that our ancestors understood and used to help family and neighbors heal from traumatic events.


When your soul parts are back, your animal allies will offer suggestions to help you integrate as you welcome your full self back to the world. Many people feel energized after this process, empowered with renewed wholeness to further address issues as necessary. While there is no magic wand to heal trauma, this is a big step up in energy for further healing. You heal from a place of wholeness.

Soul Retrieval 2: Restoring Wholeness

PriceFrom C$90.00
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