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A Soul Overview can explain why we feel drawn to or repelled by another. We shine light on your intuition about people and situations, helping you clarify relationships so you can make informed decisions. Whether a relationship is wonderful or makes you want to scream, a Soul Overview gives insight into your background together, motivations and how to proceed (or not). General clearing work is done by angels if indicated.


I do more Soul Overviews than any other work.  Clients find insight into romantic, work, friend and family relationships to be helpful in navigating life with direction and wisdom.


As much information as you can provide helps my search in the Akashic Records for the person, Not all is necessary, but enough for me to properly distinguish one person from another in the Akashic Records. (I don't contact the person or use data bases; this is done in consciousness.)


Information about the person you need to provide in advance of the session for me to do an accurate Soul Overview (do the best you can):

  • Current full name
  • Birth full name
  • Birth date, birthday, or your best guess at person's age
  • Current address or at least the city
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Photograph: Facebook profile perhaps?
  • Your connection with person: family, work colleague, friend...


If you want a more in-debt discussion of a relationship, please schedule an Intuitive Reading session instead for either 30 or 60 minutes.

Soul Overview

PriceFrom C$15.00
    • Pay securely with a credit/debit card or Apple Pay on the website eCommerce system, or
    • Canadian clients using Interac e-Transfer: (don't go through checkout if using Interac).
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