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Course Preparation

In Holistic SoulWorks 1: Energy Clearing Foundation you learn how to work with the Akashic Records and the angelic realms to provide positive shifts in energy for people and places. If you want to set up your own holistic healing practice, this training will give you the fundamental knowledge to do that. This is an online course.


Since you are the means for generating readings and requesting healing for others from the angelic realms, some preparation before training in energy clearing is necessary. This preparation enables you to do this work with ease and joy for the maximum benefit of all.


Prerequisite sessions are done online or by phone:

  1. SoulWorks Renew for you, your home and vehicle

  2. Family Tree Energy Clearing

  3. Soul Retrieval 1: Journeying

  4. Soul Retrieval 2: Restoring Wholeness

  5. Spirit Guide Reading

  6. Dowsing Lesson

Preparatory Sessions

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