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Course Preparation

In Holistic SoulWorks 1: Energy Clearing Foundation you learn how to work with the Akashic Records and the angelic realms to provide positive shifts in energy for people and places. If you want to set up your own holistic healing practice, this training will give you the fundamental knowledge to do that. This is an online course.

Since you are the means for generating readings and requesting healing for others from the angelic realms, some preparation before training in energy clearing is necessary. This preparation enables you to do this work with ease and joy for the maximum benefit of all.


Prerequisite sessions are done online or by phone:

  1. SoulWorks Renew for you, your home and vehicle

  2. Family Tree Energy Clearing

  3. Soul Retrieval 1: Journeying

  4. Soul Retrieval 2: Restoring Wholeness

  5. Spirit Guide Reading

  6. Dowsing Lesson

Free Consultation
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Start Here: SoulWorks Renew

This two-hour session gets you balanced, steadied and renewed in the midst of challenges in your life. We cover enough bases to really shift the energy. This is a strengths-based approach. We create at once a healthy energy field from which you become empowered to heal. This session, done online or by phone, includes:

  • Energy Clearing. We remove negative energy and blocks from current and past situations. Clients report a wave of relief and freedom when angels lift out and dissipate obstructive energy. You get protective shielding and permanent angelic support.


  • Chakra and Aura Clearing. Angels do comprehensive clearing, repair and balancing of all chakra and aura systems to remove old patterns and create a subtle system reset. Have extended subtle systems, as many Lightworkers do? We analyze all your systems and describe them to you. Then angels, specialzed in subtle system healing, get to work clearing and healing it all. Literally a fresh start.


  • Intuitive Reading. Clarity on questions important to you. Clients often say their deeper understanding of themselves, others and events is what they love most about this work. 


  • House and Vehicle Energy Clearing. We clear negative energy, creating positive, protected environments for your home and vehicle.


  • Supporting prayers and affirmations for home use.

SoulWorks Renew is a prerequisite for most other services. We get you and your physical environment cleared and protected first before moving on to other work.

Chakra & Aura System.jpg

Family Tree Energy Clearing

We are deeply influenced by our families. When we look at the bigger picture that your family tree provides, we can get to deeper levels of clearing and healing. We understand your situation better in the context of your family. Clients report feeling a lift and release from old patterns as a result of this work. We look at strengths and problems within your family dynamics from an intergenerational perspective, examining how your life has been impacted by your family.

We leave it up to the angelic realms to identify everyone within your extended family tree, so no genealogy report is required for this clearing. Everyone within your extended family tree is offered clearing of obstacles, shields of protection and healing angels. This clearing often facilitates noticeable healing of physical and emotional issues for individuals and the family as a whole. All clearing work is done with soul permission, organized by the attending angels. We also look at Soul Overviews for family members important to you to help you better understand relationship dynamics. Talk with me about compiling a list so I can prepare for the session.


You may do a healing ceremony at your convenience after the session. This is a family reunion on a soul level. I provide guidelines for the ceremony, which includes a prayer of thanksgiving and forgiveness that you can say on everyone's behalf. This ceremony helps anchor the clearing work done by the angelic realms. 

Family Tree.jpg

Soul Retrieval 1: Journey

Soul retrieval is an ancient way to heal trauma found in cultures throughout the world. We all experience trauma from bumps along the road. Most of the time we recover but sometimes the effects linger, causing real problems in life like sleep disturbances, anxiety and depression.


With this traditional approach to healing the effects of trauma, you connect with nature to heal. I work with Celtic healing traditions, honouring the wisdom of my ancestors. In this session you will learn to journey as you connect with the natural world of plants and animals. Journeying is a natural process, built into our psyche, that allows us to experience quieter states of consciousness. In this one-hour session, I guide you through this process as you explore another level of consciousness and find animal helpers who are there for healing and assistance. Yes, you can talk to the animals. They are full of wisdom and there to help you. These animals, birds, fish... are archetypal in their meaning thoughout the world. They will help in the soul retrieval process in the next session, usually a week after this first session.


We also restore aspects of ourselves that feel missing due to other reasons. These soul parts are restored easily in this session by angels and guides, called in to help through a prayer request that I do on your behalf. With some aspects of your soul restored, you have more strength and clarity with which to retrieve soul parts disassociated from trauma about a week later in Soul Retrieval 2: Wholeness.

Soul Retrieval.jpg

Soul Retrieval 2: Wholeness

Usually about a week after Soul Retrieval 1, you are ready to journey with your animal allies for healing and wholeness. In this 90-120 minute session, Liz assists you in the background as you reclaim the empty spaces within yourself in a surprisingly easy and spontaneous manner. We are wired to heal trauma if we are simply pointed in the right direction in a supportive environment. I am there to coach, but you retrieve your own power as you journey with your animal allies using the skills learned in your first session. This process is about taking your power back.


Before you journey to retrieve your soul parts, we will look at the reasons those parts of yourself disassoicated. This is done delicately so you know what the topic is without having to relive past trauma. We work with your traumatized soul parts to help them feel comfortable in coming back to participate in your life. We can't be whole without all of ourselves available. With the help of your animal allies and my coaching in the background, you retrieve your soul parts with surprising ease. Yes, you can do this. I've seen hundreds of people quite naturally and easily restore themselves to wholeness with this process. I believe by now that we are built to heal trauma in this way. It's a natural pathway that our ancestors understood and used to help family and neighbors heal from traumatic events.


When your soul parts are back, your animal allies will offer suggestions to help you integrate as you welcome your full self back to the world. Many people feel energized after this process, empowered with renewed wholeness to further address issues as necessary. While there is no magic wand to heal trauma, this is a big step up in energy for further healing. You heal from a place of wholeness.

Soul Retrieval.jpg

Spirit Guide Reading

It's crucial to your well-being to locate and express your own inner voice. It is the voice of your soul. The Spirit Guide Reading supports and strengthens your connection to yourself at your core. We work with your spirit guides by identifying and introducing them to you on a conscious level. You can name them (they like that). You will find out when they joined your team and what aspects of your life they support. I access the Akashic Records during the session to help you gain insight, solve problems and define direction. We can explore past training and experiences that support your current aspirations.

Archangel Gabriel.jpg

Dowsing Lesson

Interested in learning how to dowse with a pendulum and work more consciously with your spirit guides? Liz can teach you how. Knowledge is your birthright. It's a freeing experience to be able to access the Akashic Records for information and to consult your spirit guides for insight. Working with a pendulum helps you both access knowledge and verify your intuition.


SoulWorks Renew and the Spirit Guide Reading are prerequisites for this lesson. 

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