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Holistic SoulWorks Courses
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Holistic SoulWorks 1: Energy Work Foundation

You learn how to work with the Akashic Records and the angelic realms to provide positive shifts in energy for people and places. This training gives you the knowledge you need to create a fulfilling holistic healing practice or you can use it to enhance your own life. The course is offered online or in person.

HSW 1: Energy Work Foundation prepares you to do the following work:

  • Renew Energy Clearing, including chakra and aura repair

  • House & Vehicle Clearings

  • Soul Overview

  • Restore for maintenance

Some preparatory sessions are required before taking this course to cultivate your inner healer and get you ready for doing this work with ease.

(Approximate US dollar conversion: $480)

Energy Clearing

Holistic SoulWorks 2: Advanced Energy Work 

Holistic SoulWorks 2 is advanced energy clearing, building on what you learned in Holistic SoulWorks 1: Energy Work Foundation and your practice with with clients over a period of time. As well as learning new skills, we reflect on your experiences with your clients (maintaining their confidentiality of course).


This course is taught online. You learn:


  • Advanced Energy Clearing: Family Tree, Soul Family, Animal, Business, Events, Transportation & Lodging

  • Intuitive Skills: Spirit Guide & Intuitive Readings

  • Soul Retrieval & holistic counselling skills

  • Flower Essence Remedies selection, interpretation and bottling

Holistic SoulWorks 1: Energy Work Foundation is a prerequisite for this course.

(Approximate US dollar conversion: $590)

Workshop Option:  This course can be broken up into four workshops. You can choose which workshops to take:


  • Advanced Energy Clearing

  • Intuitive Skills

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Flower Essence Remedies


Speak with Liz about using the workshop option. 

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