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Get a fresh start

Get in touch with your soul for greater clarity, energy and balance. Elizabeth works with angels. Since they make house calls, you can profoundly heal anywhere in the world. You feel lighter and more your true self. 

Energy Work for people and animals
Space Energy Clearing

Chakra and Aura Healing

Colour Therapy

Holistic Counselling

Soul Retrieval

Start with SoulWorks Renew for energy clearing and chakra repair. Includes a home and vehicle clearing. 

Lotus symbolizes the full range of growth from the mud to full development_


Energy Work

Create a foundation for health with SoulWorks Renew. Then assist your world with family, animal and business clearings.

Animal Paw

Soul Retrieval

Feeling disconnected from life?  We work with nature and holistic counselling to create well-being after trauma.

Holistic Counselling

Want to connect more with your inner compass, your soul? We explore your topics of concern and work to resolve issues.

Colour Therapy

Colour strengthens and supports chakra and aura systems. Colour therapy glasses make it easy to heal.

Angels in Work Boots
Healing Your Subtle Systems

Learn about working with angels, loving beings of light who are here to help us. Elizabeth's chapter in this anthology gives a grounded approach to interacting with angels, correlating them with chakras and colours.

Elizabeth Tisdel

Holistic SoulWorks offers a profound reconnection with your inner core, your soul. I've been helping clients for 28 years have ah-ha moments as they explore their inner self. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, IPHM and AADP certified. More...


I offer a free 15-minute consultation so we can chat. Let's discuss what you want for healing. I can suggest an approach. If it's a fit, we can set up an appointment. I look forward to talking with you.

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