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Angels in Work Boots
Healing Your Subtle Systems

Learn about working with angels, loving beings of light who are here to help us. Elizabeth's chapter in the A Guiding Light anthology gives a grounded approach to interacting with angels and correlates them with chakras and colours.


Want Archangel Michael to help you figure out something? Michael helps at the 6th chakra from which we perceive and understand, and is strengthened with the colour indigo. You can put on your blue jeans, eat some blueberries and have a chat with Archangel Michael's realm of discernment and protection.

Review of Angels in Work Boots

Regarding Elizabeth’s chapter in this book, let me share my take. But first I want to describe what the chapter covers.


Elizabeth’s “Angels in Work Boots” chapter describes the twelve best-known angels as no-nonsense beings happy to engage their impressive work ethics on our behalf. But Elizabeth doesn’t stop at introducing each angel and their domains. If angels are indeed practical beings, we need practical tips on how to put them to work, right?


So practical tips are what we get. The chapter closes with instructions on how to ask the angels for help. We even get a script!


Also essential: tips for making sure your guidance is positive and operating in your highest good. Practical again!


I found it inspiring. There are times when I’ve felt alone and wanted help from powerful friends. And there have been times when I’ve felt the presence of helpers but haven’t quite worked out the way to engage them. Now I have a better idea of what’s going on, and what I can do to help my cause.

Patrick Gillam

New Hampshire USA


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